Your Kids Secret Life

Are your kids living a secret life on their phone?

In today’s digital age, most kids are not one, but ten steps ahead of their parents when it comes to technology. Many parents have an “I must know your phone password” policy, which is great, except kids today have a work around. Hidden apps, also known as Vault or Ghost apps. These apps look like ordinary run of the mill apps. Apps that would not raise any red flags, such as a calculator, a flashlight, or even a map. Most of these applications even perform the functions of their disguise, but they hide secrets. Secrets that can land your kids in jail, get them expelled from school, have a college rescind their acceptance, get kidnapped, overdose on drugs or even end up dead.

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of teens clear their browser history regularly
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Use Snapchat for provocative photos, party locations & other messages they want viewed then deleted
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of teens have hidden their online activity from their parents
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Leading cause of death in teenagers is suicide, which coincides with their 24/7/365 social media use